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Donations Fri, Aug 18, 2017

Contributions of the financial form are needed and welcome, as well as skills a non-profit organization could use.
Note: United Aromatherapy Effort team work is totally volunteer as we are a not-for-profit organization with volunteer staff using their own funds, skills, time and love to give to others.

2007 Fund Raising Program

Become a "UAE Prosperity Pledge Donor"

Prosperity Pledge Donors are companies and individuals who have stepped up to the plate and are donating money per sales of a designated product.

YOU CAN DESIGNATE ANY PRODUCT TO BE THE PLEDGE PRODUCT! Say you have a favorite blend, you can use the UAE logo to show your support. Any product or service is eligible. Sylla Sheppard-Hanger of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy (FL) and Marcia Elston of Samara Botane (WA) import and wholesale the fabulous Ultrasonic Atomizer/Diffuser. They each have pledged to donate $1.00 per unit every time they wholesale or retail the units. They ask that you join the Ultrasonic Club and match their generosity and pledge an additional dollar for every unit that you sell to your customers thus generating $24 for 12 diffusors units.

Email for the Pledge form, complete and return the pledge to join the other Donors. Your company link will be added to the

“Prosperity Pledge Donors”

the "Ultrasonic Club"

Nyssa Hanger

DougE Rasmusson

Jennifer Hochell JennScents, Inc.

Aromatherapy Products of all types are needed to stockpile in order to give out to the people we work on during future disasters, or to use during our work on them (diffusors, sprays, oils) and for ourselves to keep ourselves going. We keep a diffusor going in our rooms to keep us healthy and happy and have several favorite topical blends such as adrenal blends, migra sticks, oregano for bugs! etc. as the work is grueling and not always in nice places...

See Supplies needed for details of what went over well on the last trip or notable donations from companies you could order from.

Please put UAE RELIEF on the donation package so it will be handled immediately and mail supplies to Sylla:

16018 Saddlestring Drive
Tampa, Florida 33618

Make sure any donated products are SAFE for application (i.e. no known sensitizers/irritants) and clearly labeled especially for any items we can give away. We let individuals getting worked on choose what they like, and have ready made blends of all types always on hand to give for home use, and blends to scent the air, and spray bottles to put those in, and unscented carriers and single oils and blends so we then can also treat specific injuries like burns and muscles, assorted, boo-boos, etc. We could use other things like:

  1. small bottles to give away for home use, or for others who may need it,
  2. diffusor type items (inhaler blanks) for dispersal.

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