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Response Emergency Stress Team of Alaska Fri, Aug 18, 2017

People Helping People

Vision: Specializing in providing support and stress relief to all those involved following a traumatic event, or cumulative post traumatic stress related to historical trauma.

How we will do this:
With help and guidance from our Creator.
Unconditional Love and Acceptance.

Massage Therapy - 15 minute chair massage developed over the years by Emergency Massage Response teams following traumatic events to help relieve mental and physical fatigue, increase job performance, reduce stress, increase blood and lymph circulation, re-energize, release emotional suppression, and enhance general well being.

Aromatherapy - The art and science of using pure distilled oils and their hydrosols extracted from aromatic plants and trees to help with balance and rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. It is the synergistic chemistry of the oils that give them their properties and the chemistry of the plants is accepted as teacher, refreshing our awaerness for the wonders of Creation.

Traditional Healing Arts - Going to camp, consulting with Alaska Native Tribal Doctors, and Traditional Healers, Talking and listening in groups, spiritual connection, prayer, spiritual gatherings, visiting, athletics exercise, cleansing, nutrition, massage, StoryTelling, Hope, Love, Talking Circles, Song, Dance, Ceremonies, energy healing, Celebrations, Hot Mineral Springs, Sweat Lodges and Saunas, learning from Elders and children, teaching and learning from each other, Traditional Plants, Traditional foods, hunting, fishing, gathering berries and plants, sewing, building, boat building, reading, writing, nature and the wilderness, wildcrafting, arts and crafts... celebrating the healing ways of the days of old and new from all traditions and cultures.

Critical Incidence Stress Management - Defusings, Debriefings, Demobilizations pooling knowledge from Traditional Talking Circles, spiritual gatherings, Leaders Circles, break out groups and the Mitchell models for CISM.

Who we will serve:
Serving the people of Alaska and the Four Directions.
Serving all those in the service and helping professions.
Serving first and second responders to traumatic events
Serving all those affected by traumatic events and cumulative post traumatic stress.
Serving those affected by historical trauma and oppression.
Serving all our relations.

Partnering with:
We will work closely with and stand by to assist the:
  • Carolina Emergency Response Massage Team of North Carolina (CERMT)
  • Response Emergency Stress Team of the United Kingdom (REST - UK)
  • United Aromatherapy Efforts (UAE)
  • National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)
  • Florida Immediate Response Stress Team (FIRST)
  • Safe Horizons
  • Critical Incidence Stress Teams of Alaska
  • International Critical Incidence Stress Foundation (ICISF)
  • The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy
  • Maniilaq Health Center in Kotzebue.
  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium in Anchorage.

RESTA, Inc is a non-profit (tax exempt pending) volunteer organization.
Contact; Tina Melin
PO Box 774413
Eagle River, AK 99577

© 2001-2002, The United Aromatherapy Effort