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Needed Supplies Fri, Aug 18, 2017


WE have closed our doors, please support Occupy Sandy and Massage without Borders if you have supplies to donate. 

February 2, 2010 HAITI RELIEF: now collecting all supplies such as sprays, inhalers and wipes for Haiti relief. Ship to: UAE, 6051 Roma Dr. #103, Shreveport LA 71105

We can use blank inhalers and empty spray bottles of all sizes,

the following oils for purification: peppermint, tea tree, pine, rosemary, eucalyptus (lavender we are good on for now)

future needs:  
-Mosquito repellent
-Antiseptic hand wipes/wash

-Bulk shampoo
-Bulk Bodywash

A reminder to those who contribute:  
     please include a packing slip with estimated value 
     don't have product???
Download Pledge Form your financial contribution will allow us to purchase necessary components and keep us moving forward.   With many kind thanks for your support,

Geraldine Zelinsky, C.A., C.R.M.T. United Aromatherapy Effort, VP

 318 518 1187 unitedaromatherapy@gmail.com

November 2009: current request in AFG is for LIP BALM for the winter weather coming on; second favorite is inhalers and sprays. KEEP THEM COMING.

September 2009 Whose blend will be chosen as "BEST AT in AFG" by the ARMY!! ??

We  are looking for individual small sprays for their air-that they can use and see what works best. Some  suggestions are the following:

respiratory (conifers/pines) -- because the air quality there is very bad, (dusty, dry and smelly).

relaxing and sleepy time blend because the stress level is quite extreme,

wake up sprays for alert time, night duty, morning call!

 bug/general cleaning/sprays

At present there are no bugs at Camp Phoenix but there are in other unit locations; our Soldier on the ground there can send bug sprays to Forward Operating Bases (FOB's) where the need for therapy is most needed. Our Soldier will use and disseminate the first box then let me know what is most useful then we will know what they like and need.

Please send to UAE(AFG)/16018 Saddlestring Dr. Tampa, Fl 33618 (or to Geraldine in Shreveport if closer.)

WE STLL HAVE SUPPLIES we just need parts to make them usable, see list below, it still applies!


October 2008, Shreveport LA: Geraldine is now servicing the remenants and restocking from Hurricanes Ike and Gustav which hit directly in the area. We are in desparate need of the following with the most critical needs at the top. Feel free to contact her below for detailed info on needs:

-Geraldine Zelinsky, C.A., C.R.M.T. United Aromatherapy Effort, Asst Dir 318 518 1187 unitedaromatherapy@gmail.com



At this point we are finished with our deployments to NY. We will continue to visit when we can and offer chair massage to police (NYPD), fire houses (FDNY) and the Port Authority PD.


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