United Aromatherapy Effort is no longer active.

We were created to help the first responders in disaster relief. We gave support to those who are on the front lines from search and recovery teams through relief effort and cleanup.

United Aromatherapy Effort can help mitigate stress in several ways: physically (respiratory inhalers, mosquito sprays, first aid rollers, etc ) and emotionally (room/body sprays, relax inhalers, uplift inhalers, etc). By helping the front lines, we give them the best chance to help as many citizens as possible.

Our motto explains it well: “Caring for the Caregiver” ~ our mission statement elaborates on that:

“The mission of UAE is to provide stress relief and aromatherapy supplies to victims, relief workers, and first responders during emergency work and afterwards. We collect and disseminate donated aromatherapy products to those affected by disaster and team up with allied professional teams when possible.

Historically we have responded to the World Trade Center Disaster, NY (2001), Florida Hurricanes (2004), the Gulf Coast affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita (2005-6), and in 2007-8 the California wildfires and the Gulf Coast Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. In 2009 we shifted our focus to the Military, both abroad and at home and supplied Soldiers on the Ground (Afghanistan) with donated aromatherapy and wellness supplies.  In response to recent disasters in 2017, we have reinstated ourselves as a non-profit corporation and are now taking donations.  A gander through our gallery and our history will give you a good idea of our work over the years.

Thank you for your past donations and help with our cause.