We just wanted to share an update on some of the things that have happened so far this year…

The 2019 yearly summary is now up and can be found here.

We would also like to announce that a new board member has been added and there has been a change in officers due to Sylla deciding to step down as President. Nominations were made and voted on and the Board of Directors with the new officers is as follows:

Dedi Thorne (President)
Judy Klispie (Vice President)
Jennifer Wilson (Secretary)
Karen Norland (Treasurer)
Amy Kreydin (Director)
Doug Rasmusson (Director)
Hana Tisserand (Director)
Sylla Hanger (Director)

In closing, we hope you all are staying safe and well, and we are continuing to explore options on how we can help concerning the current events. We are blessed to be able to help in a small aromatic way and we are grateful for the continued support in this work.

Amy, Dedi, DougE, Hana, Jennifer, Judy, Karen, and Sylla