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September 1, 2009  The UAE is now soliciting small sprays for the next box to go to our “Soldier on the Ground” (SG) in Kabul, Afganistan, Camp Phoenix to be exact. This just in, their “prison-cell-size container homes smell of dirty laundry and field artillery” one Soldier reports and cleaning with “Pine sol that is available, just doesn’t get it”.  So  now we  are looking for individual sprays (2-4 oz) for their air-that they can use and see what works best:  suggestions are the following:

respiratory (conifers/pines) — because the air quality there is very bad, (dusty, dry and smelly) and quite polluted as well.


relaxing and sleepy time blends because the stress level is quite extreme,


wake up sprays for alert time, night duty, morning call!


Our Soldier will use and disseminate the first box then let me know what is most useful then we will know what they like and need. There are 62,000 troops over there in AFG. Camp Phoenix (which has some luxuries such as AC/heat, hot water showers, good food, and nice digs-stacked containers they call Lego Land) is our first stop. If we can help just some of them with aromatherapy for their immediate environment,  it will make their year-long tour of duty a little more tolerable; our Soldier agrees and waits patiently for the first shipment which left US September 9, 2009.!! He got an ultrasonic diffusor to add  moisture to the 10-20% humidity, Purification sprays, peppermint lotion packs to share along with inhalers, and other products; and a water bottle with anti infectious blends to add to it as needed (they drink bottled water that has been in the sun ).


Send anything anytime to your nearest staging area! Thank you for the support. If you wish to ship large boxes direct contact Sylla, otherwise send to Florida or Louisiana, whichever is the closest location to you and we will ship to AFG from these two locations:


UAE/16018 Saddlestring Dr, Tampa, FL 33618 or


UAE/c/o Zelinsky, 6051 Roma Dr. #103 Shreveport, LA 71105