AUSTRALIAN BUSH FIRES March 21, 2009 NEWS: CALL TO ACTION We are mobilizing UAE to help out with the teams already working for the Bush Fire Relief Effort. The Australian Practitioners Emergency Response Network (APERN) exists to help frontline emergency workers fulfill their duties in an emergency/critical incident and to support volunteers and victims in a caring and compassionate way. It emerged from the events of Black Saturday, the 8th February, 2009 when bush fires killed more 200 people and ravaged a large swathe of Victoria state. APERN is still in its formation stages and they are all volunteers. Check the blog:  In addition Hands on Health Australia or HOHA aims to assist communities to improve the delivery of health and other services to marginalized people, utilizing the resource of community volunteers. They are looking at setting up and serving seven community clinics. At present some clinics are running and others are still in progress. Some communities around Whittlesea are only just returning to their homes to begin the rebuilding stage. There are still 7000 people without homes and living in tents. Supplies (respiratory/purification blends, relaxation blends, single oils, empty spray bottles, and clinic supplies like sanitizer, towels/base oils, etc) can be sent to Tuesday Browell ( 424 High Street, Echuca, Victoria Australia. 3564 mobile  ph is.0428342957. In addition Ron Guba/Essential Therapeutics in Melbourne is collection donations for oil supplies if you want to purchase supplies toward the Relief effort: visit he will see your purchase is mixed into respiratory blends, or other useful products and delivered via the above organizations. Ultrasonic diffusors would be great for the seven clinics if someone wants to contribute those they are available in Sydney , contact  Sheriar Irani in at In case you need to catch up on the tragedy, check these News links:  BBC story on victims returning home Wildfires also laid waste to the region’s wildlife. Millions of animals, including kangaroos, lyre birds, echidnas and koalas, also perished and thousands were injured like Sam the koala: