August 1, 2009 Breaking NEWS: CALL TO ACTION UAE to shift focus to the Military both in combat and those who came home (as the USO says “until they all come home”).


PRESS RELEASE; United Aromatherapy Effort to Expand Focus of Disaster Relief to Military…….Your Help Needed! Founder, Director of the United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc. ( ), Sylla Sheppard – Hanger has announced a new and very personal campaign to refocus the energies of the UAE to include our military personnel who are currently at war, serving overseas and here in America. The UAE would like to see all military personnel receive emotional and physical support through aromatherapy, massage and other modalities.  In her typical spirited fashion Sheppard-Hanger is looking to go big and partner the UAE with the USO. The goal is to provide comforts of home away from home for our troops and to help those involved in our country’s worst tragedy, war! War is about the worst disaster imaginable and the complexity of the task is much larger than our beginnings with the World Trade Center Disaster or any of the Gulf hurricanes that the UAE has ever helped with. There are few people who are not directly touched by the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan. All of us know someone who is affected by the war and many of us have loved ones, friends, and neighbors over there. Sheppard-Hanger’s beloved nephew, Maj. James Baucom left for Afghanistan recently and is now serving his duty in Camp Phoenix, outside of Kabal. Spirit has moved Sheppard-Hanger to support her nephew and all of those put in harms way. She knows that this will be a huge task but intends to be there as the USO says “until every one comes home.” The help and talents of many are making it possible for the UAE to file and submit their application for designation as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity (making us tax exempt and donations deductible). There are also high hopes within the UAE that this will make it possible to support our troops more directly in the future. This  proposal could involve teams or individuals that offer seated massage, aromatherapy and other services in Veterans Hospitals, Military Bases and Centers or Family Support Centers. The USO makes USO2GO kits and the UAE is looking at putting something together with a couple of blends for stress, fatigue, focus, etc.  Your ideas and input are critical in helping us establish what items might be most viable for such a kit. The UAE is supported by a community of caring people and we need your creativity, input, donations and heartfelt support to take on this mission. Once it is made it possible, Sheppard-Hanger is even ready to take a group into the direct areas of conflict where our soldiers are involved in combat and enduring incredible physical and emotional stress. If that does not work we can still support directly any soldier we have an address for with aromatherapy products to share. It is obvious that her determination, passion and courageous intentions need our support.   Links for more information on the USO are available at:  and scroll to bottom to see the contents of these 2GO packs. Perhaps we could have AT2GO, or add AT kits to the existing kits? What do you think? You may send support, ideas, help by lining up large companies that can donate on a regular basis, or anyone who can pledge, volunteer or make a commitment to Sylla Sheppard-Hanger at, Geraldine or Sara


Just so you know…..Sylla is serious and ready for combat…….she is wearing camouflage in some fashion daily until her nephew comes home and shouting HOOAH!!!!!!