February 2, 2010 HAITI RELIEF: now collecting all supplies such as sprays, inhalers and wipes for Haiti relief. Ship to: UAE, 6051 Roma Dr. #103, Shreveport LA 71105

We can use blank inhalers and empty spray bottles of all sizes,

the following oils for purification: peppermint, tea tree, pine, rosemary, eucalyptus (lavender we are good on for now)

future needs:
-Mosquito repellent
-Antiseptic hand wipes/wash
-Bulk shampoo
-Bulk Bodywash

A reminder to those who contribute:

Please include a packing slip with estimated value

Don’t have product??? Download the UAE Pledge Form; your financial contribution will allow us to purchase necessary components and keep us moving forward. With many kind thanks for your support,

Geraldine Zelinsky, C.A., C.R.M.T. United Aromatherapy Effort, VP

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