As of August 30, 2005 we are taking donations to go to those affected by Katrina. On Friday, September 2, the first box of sprays were sent to Shreveport, our staging area for upcoming deployments. Meanwhile, just like last year, please send your donations as described below and under Supplies tab. ANY pre-made, ready to hand out personal purification spritzers – any sizes or bulk – any safe blends are desparately needed ASAP. Make them strong, up to 50% oil to alcohol/water ratio, so they go a long way in refreshing the air. Check under Updates for daily news and under Supplies for changing needs news.

BIG THANK YOUS to the following FIRST RESPONDERS for their speedy donations:

  • “United Aromatherapy Effort ANGEL AWARD” goes to Nina Dolese @ Universal Therapeutic Aromas for the LARGEST FINANCIAL DONATION EVER RECEIVED, on top of her speedy aromatic donations to Shreveport. THANK YOU Nina, now we can buy the supplies we need.
  • Scott and Carol Moeller, of Dynabyte Multimedia, Shreveport, LA for the AWESOME media presentation!
  • Curt Finckler @ Nelson Bach
    FIRST RESPONDER AWARD for already sending a second shipment. BLESS YOU CURT!!
  • Marge Clark Nature’s Gift “CONTINUOUS RESPONDER AWARD” because they not only sent box after box to NY, but also responded with donations for 2004 hurricanes, and now for Katrina. HUGE thank you Natures Gift.
  • Eileen Cristina @ Kneading Wellness THANK YOU for MULTIPLE shipments of inhalers. Thank you Eileen!!
  • Billy Daniels Blues Foundation, Tampa Florida
  • John Steele, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Shellie Enteen & Friends @
  • Michael Alexander, Essential Products of America, Clearwater, FL
  • Lisa Otero @ Blue Cliff College
  • Karen Flam @ Spa F.L.A.M.
  • Christoph Streicher @ Amrita
  • Roz Zollinger @Healing Center Atlanta
  • Sara Holmes/Parkland College Aromatherapy Class, Champaign, IL
  • Broddus Floyd, Tampa Florida
  • Christine Fairchild, Aurora, CO
  • Debrah Zepf, Parker, CO
  • Sylvia James @
  • Candace & John Newman @
  • Linda and Byron Chalem (IL)
  • Marcia Elston Samara Botane
  • Laraine Kyle, Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy
  • Patti & Greg Carey, Shreveport, LA
  • Kathy Koeppen @ Aromaceuticals
  • Lora Cantele, RA; Enhancements Aromatherapy & Penny Price Aromatherapy-USA
  • Vera Matovina from Plant Power & and Ella Nunas from Ella’s Botanicals, Toronto ON
  • Polly Fox @ Energetic Essences & Elixirs for the GENEROUS donation to the LA Humane Society, Tylertown, MS.
  • To everyone else sending prayers and well wishes, THANK YOU.

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