December 18, 2005 Louisiana: the teams have just finished working two weeks on Fire/Relief personel in Baton Rouge; then on to New Orleans to work on the Police Department!! In total so far this year: teams provided about 2500 massage all together. An amazing 60 therapists volunteered their time and worked between both Mississippi and Louisiana. All teams handed out your wonderful donations to loving hands. We are standing down until after the first of the year to rest up and prepare more supplies which will go into New Orleans after the first of the year. Please visit the Supplies page for latest needs to replenish our shelves for the 2006 continuing Relief Effort.
Here is a great article describing the Biloxi Coast from the Biloxi Sun Herald (for a limited time:) 
Check out the video footage shot on Hwy 90 from WLOX News of Biloxi and Gulfport “before and after” Katrina