United Aromatherapy Effort, Inc.
Summary Report Summer 2019.
Since we restarted at the end of 2017, we have had some updates. We are a 501(c)3 corporation and we are now listed on the Guidestar.org site! This means now people can choose us on Facebook and we will be able to be on AmazonSmile soon!! Think of us with your next birthday or special event, your friends can donate in your name with Facebook Giving! And hopefully by the end of summer we will have our account with AmazonSmile, which will help us as you shop during the entire year.
Besides a new website we also have better ways to receive donations. We have both one-time donations as well as monthly recurring donations (set to expire 1 year from the time you begin). To make a one time donation, visit this page: One-Time Donation. To make a recurring donation, please visit this page: Monthly Donation.
Meanwhile in the last year we were able to set up two hubs, one in Florida and one in Texas that an receive supplies, organize, repurpose, make care packages to go out. This makes it easier to receive donations and ship out to our contacts on the ground or give them out ourselves if its local.
Here is the 2018 summary of the Florida and Texas hubs:
Florida Hub 2018 Report:
The Parkland School shootings were a traumatic event in south Florida. A community event was set up by the local massage therapy association to be held at the community center in Parkland and a local massage/aromatherapist reached out and we sent 285 inhalers, a few aroma necklaces, and a few assorted roll on items for emotional support.
October 2018: Hurricane Michael hit Florida’s panhandle. There was immense devastation. Two contacts received two different shipments of 150 inhalers, 50 soaps, and 50 hand sanitizers. The Florida Hub hosted a work day to make additional inhalers and hand sanitizers for this project and future donations. All items used to create the inhalers and hand sanitizers were provided by donation of products and supplies sent to the Florida Hub.
November 2018: California Fires raged in many parts of California. A large box of inhalers, soaps, and hand sanitizers were sent out to a contact in Chico, California.
Austin Hub 2018 Report:
The Austin, Texas hub is run by Amy Kreydin, NBCR, CCAP, BD with lay volunteers from the community on-call when needed. No donations were received by the Austin hub in 2018. Supplies from 2017 were used and Amy’s business covered the cost of any additional supplies needed to respond to requests as well as shipping and gas expenditures. Pro bono consultations were conducted by Amy.
March 2018 – Bilingual aromasticks were distributed by the Community Advocacy & Healing Project run by Fatima Mann for families affected by the package bombs in the greater Austin area.
May 2018 – Stress relief herbal kits were distributed to families affected by the Santa Fe High School shooting incident by the Gulf Coast Herbal-aid group, a network from the Wildflower School Herbalists Without Borders and herbalists in Houston and San Antonio. The Austin UAE hub supplied aromasticks, roll-on bottles, and tea bags for these kits.
June 2018 – sent bilingual aroma kits (1 relaxation blend aromastick + 1 bag of tea) to Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, an Austin immigrant attorney, to distribute to pro-bono attorneys doing work both at the border and at the 22 detention centers across Texas.
November 2018 – volunteers came to the studio to assist in putting together aroma kits for the Florida Panhandle. Sixty kits were assembled containing: 1 relaxation blend aromastick, 1 immune/lung blend aromastick, and 2 tea bags. Aromasticks for immune/lung support were given to the chief of the Enchanted Circle Fire Chasers. Two phone consults were given pro-bono to address concerns with lingering bronchitis from smoke inhalation.

We ended 2018 with supplies on hand still thanks to NAHA donation of leftover goodie bag items from the conference. In the past we have large product donations coming from businesses that unfortunately closed and they graciously donated leftover product for us to repurpose!!

Here is a little table showing our financials thru May 2019:

Financial Summary
  2017 2018 2019
Financial Donations $1835.49 $1948 $37.93
Total Revenue $1835.49 $1948 $37.93
Expenses: Bank charges $34 $199 $0
Expenses: Other $0 $358.79 $128.25
Total Expenses $34 $557.76 $128.25
Net Revenue $1801.49 $1390.21 -$90.32

Note that the bank charges $17 monthly unless we have $3000. So that was a big expense last year. We are finally over that mark early in this year but it will drop with this hurricane season coming up, so we need to get ahead of this. It would be lovely if 100 people made a $5 a month donation so we could get ahead for this summer and won’t lose money and can purchase postage to mail packages and easily pay our yearly our state corporate and federal filing fees without wiping out our cushion!

In closing, we were blessed to be able to help in a small aromatic way. and we are grateful for the continued support in this work. See some of us at the upcoming The Alliance of International Aromatherapists 7th Biennial International Aromatherapy Conference and Wellness Expo to be held September 26-29, 2018 at the Doubletree by Hilton Minneapolis-Park Place, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Thank you so much for your continued support!

Amy, Dedi, DougE, Hana, Judy, Karen, and Sylla

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