NOTE:  Do not follow any directions on this page!  This is a direct copy from the donations page on our old website.   Contributions of the financial form are needed and welcome, as well as skills a non-profit organization could use. Note: United Aromatherapy Effort...

LARGEST DONATION EVER of Aromatherapy Products

October, 2006: LARGEST DONATION EVER of aromatherapy product – 3000 bottles of diffusor blends by New Vision arrived around September 11, 2006. What a way to start our 5th year off! Thank you Sheena and New Vision for giving us stock for the future.

FSMTA Conference

July, 2006 FSMTA Conference: we raised some funds for UAE but best of all Staci Zaffuto of Earth Gear donated a wonderful new massage chair. Bless you Staci and EarthGear!.

UAE Katrina interview art

June, 2006: UAE katrina interview article by Sara Holmes is now posted to the NAHA website under this new area titled ‘Friends of Aromatherapy. Interview with Founder of United Aromatherapy, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger and Jim Weldy, Katrina Distaster Mortuary Relief...

ACT Conference

April, 2006: we just finished a sucessful fund-raiser at the ACT Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. Check out the Updates page for details and photos! We were able to raise close to $1000 to keep UAE going! We would like to thank the following for their recent...

Immersed in Katrina’s miseries

December 12, 2005: a sadly descriptive journal of the destruction in todays St. Petersburg Times called Immersed in Katrina’s miseries Immersed in Katrina’s miseries by Marty Normile. It is true, every word, we have seen it; be humbled, read it....

Louisiana Relief Efforts

December 18, 2005 Louisiana: the teams have just finished working two weeks on Fire/Relief personel in Baton Rouge; then on to New Orleans to work on the Police Department!! In total so far this year: teams provided about 2500 massage all together. An amazing 60...


December 6, 2005 Louisiana: ERMI team has begun working in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the Fire Department, Central Station. Check the Gallery to see our photos of the first UAE deployment with ERMI in Biloxi and Gulfport and some of the FEMA/MEMA workers.

Supplies in Gulfport/Biloxi

November 27, 2005-Mississippi: we have finished 8 weeks of work and giving out supplies in Gulfport/Biloxi region where we were welcome with open arms, the MS Dept of Health, CISM thanks CERMT/ERMI from the heart.