The United Aromatherapy Effort continues to grow and as we know, a synergy creates a greater effect than a single component.  To that end, the United Aromatherapy Effort is looking for a few dedicated volunteers to create a synergy.  If you have a specific talent/credentialing and can spare a small fraction of time to help UAE we are interested in hearing from you.  Tell us about yourself, your experience, accomplishments and credentials.  Tell us why you would be an asset to UAE, how much time you are willing to commit to UAE and where you are located.  Please email to:
With many kind thanks,
The United Aromatherapy Effort
Geraldine Zelinsky, Assistant Director

Sylla Hanger, Founder and Executive Director

UAE would also like to acknowledge the following for the major and/or continued contributions:

Kudos, Robin for your tireless efforts!
Eileen Cristina, Kneading Wellness (Aromatherapy products and Thank you notes to contributors) Lititz PA
Anonymous:  over 110,000 units of hand sanitizer products
New Vision Aromatherapy
Curt Finckler, from Nelson Bach

Marcia Elston from Samara Botane
Laurie Martin, Vermont Country Store (2 skids of Adult clothing and undergarments)
Melissa Zenz, Kid Bean (2 cases of infant/child clothing, diaper covers and aromatherapy products)
Dean Gavney, Carow Packaging
Tim Yancey, Alpha Packaging Corp
Bev Day, Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA)

Kelly Holland-Azzaro, National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)

Peggy O’Mara, Publisher Mothering Magazine
Loren and Veronica, Aromatherapy Thymes
Debra & Mary Beth, Summit Leasing Office (for allowing UAE to use the Clubhouse for Staging)
….and a shout out of gratitude to other contributors:
Nina Dolese
Blessed Herbs
Sara Holmes
MJ Health  – all the way from New Zealand!
Andrea Butje
Pennie Mills
Christine White-Stanton
Candace & John Newman
Cheryl Hoard